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Elizabeth Baumel and “Weaver”

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Ms. Baumel is working with many people to make “Weaver,” an XNA/ XBox game where you build worlds. This is the UMBC Game Developers’ Club’s 3D project for Spring 2010. weaver screenshot

Web Site to come! More pending! Elizabeth, please keep us posted.

Ching Yu Lau, UMBC ’02, and his dragon

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Mr. Lau has been working in the Baltimore games industry for several years, has spoken at UMBC many times (usually about how to get a job in the industry), and will be teaching Art 384, “Introduction to 3D Computer Animation” this Fall. He is a ZBrush master.

In addition to working at Zenimax Online for the past few years, he has also worked at Breakaway Games and done some architectural rendering.  He also has a side business making small sculptures in ZBrush that get printed via rapid prototyping. One is shown below; more at

Ching Lau's Dragon