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Global Game Jam wrap-up

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Last weekend, 35 people were working madly in the UMBC GAIM lab as part of the 3rd annual Global Game Jam. At 5pm on Friday, in the midst of a campus-wide power outage, they watched they keynote video from a laptop held over my head in a dark lab, then learned the theme for this year’s jam: all games had to express somehow the theme “Extinction”. By about 7:00, the power was back on, and they’d formed into five teams, each trying to complete a game by Sunday. One short second power outage later(!), they were on their way.

All five games are online (along with 1475 other games from the 168 other sites world wide). The Global Game Jam is not a competition, but many sites do have some local awards, ours included. We had four awards, Best Game, Best Expression of the Theme, Best Art, and the an award judged by representatives from our site sponsor, NextCentury Corporation.